How Nature Can Improve Your Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, and addiction have all become increasingly common in recent decades. Mental health and addiction are closely linked as well. Mental illness can lead to addiction and vice versa. For people recovering from addiction, stress and anxiety are common relapse triggers. Staying mentally healthy requires...

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Do Anti-drug Commercials Work?

Most of us are familiar with anti-drug ads on TV. From the “brain on drugs” commercials of the 1980s to more recent commercials like the “above the influence” campaign, the federal government and nonprofits have spent millions of dollars on ads trying to convince kids to stay away from drugs. Last year, when President...

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Finding a New Identity After Addiction

Identity plays a complicated role in addiction. Studies have found that younger people with no clear sense of identity, especially social identity, are at greater risk of associating with people who use drugs and alcohol. These groups are an easy way to find social acceptance and form a social identity. Being part of...

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Can OCD Be Cured?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a condition characterized by intrusive, unwanted thoughts and rituals meant to relieve the anxiety created by those thoughts. Typical obsessive thoughts include fear of germs or contamination; unwanted taboo thought, often about sex, religion, or harming oneself or others; or...

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Why You Shouldn’t Punish Yourself After a Relapse

It’s normal to be disappointed if you relapse, especially if you’ve been sober for a while. You may feel like you’ve wasted all your hard work and disappointed the people who care about you. You may feel an impulse to punish yourself, either by beating yourself up emotionally, or engaging in some other...

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4 Tips for Staying Positive in Addiction Recovery

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of staying positive in addiction recovery. A positive, optimistic attitude promotes happiness and persistence, while a negative, pessimistic attitude promotes depression and resignation. There will always be challenges in recovery and a positive attitude will help you stick...

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What if Recovery is Boring?

One of the most common fears people have when they’re considering getting help for addiction is that sobriety will be boring. They worry they will never have fun again. Drinking and drug use has been their focus for so long that it’s hard to imagine anything else could be as fun and satisfying. What’s more, most of...

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Is It Possible to Have a Sober Mardi Gras?

Every year, millions of people attend Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, including visitors from all over the US and all over the world. It’s a unique cultural event that features prominently on many bucket lists, but it’s also an event primarily known as a giant party. Drinking is a major part of Mardi Gras, but...

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What to Eat Early in Recovery

What you eat while recovering from addiction is extremely important. There are now many studies showing the impact your diet has on your mood. So far, all of these studies have found that a diet high in fat, sugar, and processed foods make you more anxious, irritable, and depressed, while a diet rich in whole foods...

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6 Beliefs that Keep You From Seeking Help for Depression

Depression affects more than 16 million American adults every year and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Symptoms include sadness, loss of interest in things you used to enjoy, disturbed sleep, physical aches, slow movements, poor concentration, fatigue, and thoughts of suicide or death. Depression is...

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