5 Myths about Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse

Drug addiction and substance abuse have many associated myths and false claims. Many of which give treatment and recovery negative connotations. These myths perpetuate attitudes that addiction treatment is simply a matter of will power, or that it's a disease that no-one can do anything about. The only way we can...

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The Accidental Addict

Not everyone looks like an "addict." David was in his 50’s and didn’t look the part. He had a great job, a loving wife and a happy family. But like an estimated six million Americans nationwide, he abused his prescription medication. As a successful college football player, David was exposed to a stock supply of...

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What is the Recovery Ways Family Program?

Family members are often worried, confused, weary and unaware of how to help their loved one who is battling addiction. The purpose of the Family Program is to educate the family on the disease of addiction and arm you with coping skills to help your loved one and yourself. Addiction is a family disease, which means...

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Recovery Ways is a premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective, accessible substance abuse treatment to as many people as possible.

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