5 Tips for Finding a Job After Treatment

Finding a job after treatment can be challenging. In addition to the normal challenges of job hunting, people recovering from addiction may have to explain employment gaps, job loss, and possibly jail time. What’s more, since addiction typically begins at a young age, many people will have lost educational...

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Why Are Some Drugs More Addictive than Others?

Addiction is complicated and only a small part is about the substance itself. A more complete picture of addiction emerges when you consider the biology and psychology of the user. For example, someone with severe anxiety might easily become addicted to Xanax because it relieves her anxiety. Another person might be...

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5 Signs that College Drinking has Become a Problem

Partying has become a standard part of the college experience. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than one third of college students report binge drinking within the past month and about 20 percent of college students used an illicit drug at least once in the past month. While these...

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What is “Drunkorexia”?

“Drunkorexia” is a colloquial term combining an eating disorder and binge drinking. It is the practice of offsetting calories from binge drinking by skipping meals or purging so that the binge drinking doesn’t lead to weight gain. While the practice is particularly common among college aged women, men do it as well. A...

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Do These 5 Things if There’s Addiction in Your Family

Addiction is a family disease in several ways. First, there is a strong genetic component. Experts believe about half of your addiction risk is genetic because of various genes and gene expressions that affect how you respond to drugs and alcohol or make you more vulnerable to certain mental health issues associated...

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How to Make Time for Self-care

Self-care is extremely important in recovery. It includes the activities you specifically do to maintain your recovery and the things you do just to stay healthy and happy. In reality, there’s no separation between things you do for yourself and things you do for recovery. This might include going to therapy,...

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9 Tips for Helping a Partner with Depression

It can be hard to be in a relationship with someone with depression. For one thing, it’s hard to see someone you love suffer. Also, depression can make someone more irritable, angry, or withdrawn. The symptoms of depression may lead to more arguments, frustration, or feelings of alienation. It can be frustrating when...

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What’s the Difference Between a Good Mood and a Manic Episode?

Bipolar disorder affects nearly six million Americans every year. Bipolar is characterized by both episodes of major depression and episodes of mania or hypomania. Symptoms of depressive episodes are identical to those of unipolar depression and include sadness, lethargy, disturbed sleep, slow movements, feelings of...

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How Narcan Reverses an Opioid Overdose

Narcan is the brand name of the drug naloxone, which is a drug used to reverse opioid overdoses. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist, meaning it binds more strongly than opioid drugs to mu receptors but does not activate them. As a result, naloxone shoves opioid molecules off of mu receptors and prevents them from...

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What’s the Difference Between Social Anxiety Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder and avoidant personality disorder are both conditions that cause people to feel extremely anxious in social situations. People with these conditions will avoid social interaction as much as possible, despite the fact they typically desire social connection and close relationships. Both...

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