Recovery Ways is excited to announce we are going in-network with Tricare. This means that our intensive outpatient program, or IOP, as well as our partial hospitalization program, or PHP, will be covered as in-network for patients with Tricare.

Tricare is a program that covers the civilian healthcare component of the US Department of Defense Health System. It covers civilian health benefits for US military personnel, military retirees, and their dependents. Tricare covers almost 9.4 million people worldwide.

This comes amid growing awareness of the unique pressures service members face. Veterans and active duty military personnel are at much greater risk for PTSD, depression, and certain substance use disorders. While the military’s zero-tolerance policy has resulted in lower rates of illicit drug use in the military than in the civilian world, armed forces members use opioid painkillers and alcohol at higher rates than civilians. Drinking has traditionally been encouraged in the military and nearly half of service members report weekly binge drinking. The rate of drinking is higher among service members who have seen combat. Prescription opioids are also misused at a higher rate among service members. As many as 11 percent of service members report misusing prescription opioids, much higher than civilians, and that figure appears to be growing.

Depression and PTSD are also extremely common among service members. A 2014 study from the Journal of the American Medical Association found the rate of depression among service members was five times higher than the rate of depression among civilians. The same study found that service members were 15 times more likely to suffer from PTSD than civilians. Both depression and PTSD significantly increase your risk for addiction as well.

The good news is that PTSD, depression, and addiction are treatable. IOP and PHP programs are on the continuum of treatment that will meet the needs of the majority of people needing treatment. PHP and IOP programs may be good for people struggling with alcohol use disorder in particular. Both allow you to live at home during treatment. Of the two programs, PHP provides the most structure. Our clinical staff will develop an individualized plan to help you develop skills in relapse prevention, communication, setting boundaries, life skills, managing grief and trauma, emotional regulation, and spiritual wellbeing. Patients in the PHP program are tested regularly for drugs and alcohol.

IOP is a bit more flexible and allows you continue work or school during your treatment. Like the PHP program, IOP patients will receive an individualized treatment plan to develop key skills for recovery. Patients are required to attend three morning or evening group therapy sessions per week. Patients will also develop outside resources, such as mutual aid groups, to support their recovery. IOP is especially good for people with mild to moderate addictions or who have already completed inpatient treatment and are making the transition to regular life.

If you have Tricare insurance and you or a dependent is struggling with addiction or mental illness, we can help. Recovery Ways is a premier drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have the resources to effectively treat a dual diagnosis. Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective, accessible substance abuse treatment to as many people as possible. Request information online or call us today at 1-888-986-7848.