Living with addiction, we have not been committed to our own well-being for quite some time. For many of us, our own health has not been a priority for many years, even decades, of our lives. Our focus and energy have gone predominantly to maintaining our addictions, to covering our tracks so people aren’t suspicious, to hiding the severity of our problem from others. When we are finally ready to take the steps to recover, we have to make a commitment to ourselves and to our recovery. Until we’re ready to make this important commitment, any attempts at getting better will be incomplete, half-hearted and ineffective. Committing to our recovery means we’re serious about making changes in our lives. We’re fully prepared for the necessary overhaul in our lifestyles, along with all of the mental, emotional and physical challenges that come with it.

The changes we undergo in recovery put us to the ultimate test. We go through a withdrawal process which can be grueling, uncomfortable, even dangerous. We have to make the choice to leave behind the toxic habits and destructive relationships that contributed to our addictive behaviors. We have to learn how to cope with addictive urges and compulsions. We have to implement mindfulness to help us process our emotions and manage our anxiety. The challenges of implementing these lifestyle changes can be fear-inducing and demanding. We’re afraid to leave behind the habits and people that are familiar and comfortable to us, even if they are hindering our recovery. We’re not used to pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. We’ve grown accustomed to maintaining the lifestyle patterns that made our addictions possible.

When we make the commitment to our recovery, we decide we’re ready to challenge ourselves rather than staying stuck in the same destructive cycles. We make the choice to put ourselves and our health first. We prioritize our own well-being and peace of mind above any toxic relationships or bad habits we’ve been clinging to. We push ourselves out of the comfort zone of complacency. We rise above everything holding us down. We face our fears head on and don’t allow them to hold us back anymore. We learn the importance of moving through the fear rather than succumbing to it. We recognize how important it is to value ourselves. We get back our self-worth. We start working to love, accept and forgive ourselves unconditionally.

Making the commitment to our recovery is a crucial step in the healing process, without which we’re setting ourselves up for the disappointment of staying stuck where we are, floundering in the depths of our addictions.

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